Don’t allow return of touts destroy your vision of Anambra mega-city, Bishop tells Soludo…

Written by on June 8, 2023

The Bishop Diocese of Ogbaru, (Anglican Communion) Rt. Rev. Prosper Amah, yesterday raised the alarm over the increasing and aggressive level of touting in Anambra State, saying that it will soon become a monster bedevilling the state.

Bishop Amah, therefore, appealed to Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo not to allow violent activities of touts to destroy his vision of Anambra State, as a livable and prosperous mega smart city and a preferred place to live, learn, work and enjoy.

Bishop Amah regretted that Governor Soludo started well on the assumption of office by banning all manner of touting in the state but later allowed touting to take the shine off his government, urging him to expedite action to stem the tide of touting before it becomes the most monster that will engulf the state and destroy his government.

Describing and likening the aggressive return of touting in the state to what the Bible said about evil spirit leaving a person and going into the desert seeking rest and finding none, Bishop Amah, said that the aggressive return and violent touting activities in the state are causing the residents and visitors of the sleepless night.

Residents of the state have been complaining about the return of different touting groups in multiple uniforms, intimidating, harassing and extorting people and motorist at every point in the state, including visitors in private and company vehicles.

Bishop Amah who raised the alarm in the Presidential Address he presented to the 2nd Session of the 6th Synod of Diocese of Ogbaru, Anambra State, said that Onitsha in particular and the state in general stands the danger of loosing numerous customers to neighbouring states due to violent touting activities that have taken over the commercial city.

Bishop Amah reminded Governor Soludo that Anambra is a state with a rich history of giant strides, blessed with creative, hardworking and innovative people, and Governor Soludo promised to build and make it a livable and prosperous mega smart city, a preferred place to live, learn, work and enjoy, and he should therefore, not allow touts to destroy the vision.

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