End Killings In Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Niger Delta Congress Urges Federal Govt…

Written by on April 7, 2023

Niger Delta Congress (NDC) has called on the federal government to end the unprovoked killings going on in the Middle Belt especially in Southern Kaduna, Benue and Plateau states.

A statement issued by the national spokesperson, NDC, Mudiaga Ogboru, he said the group views it as if the government does not care about the plight of the Middle Belt people that are being killed on a daily basis.

He said in their commitment to see the entrenchment of justice, and socioeconomic advancement of the Niger Delta, it would be against the dictates of good conscience to be silent in the face of oppression as it affects other peoples in other regions in Nigeria, who like them also yearn for justice, security and prosperity.

“In the past few days, Middle Belt States such as Benue and the Southern parts of Kaduna have been at the receiving end of terrorist attacks which has led to death, destruction and despair within the indigenous communities in this region, these different attacks have been reported to have resulted in the tragic loss of lives of no less than 60 persons.

“We are concerned by the provocative incompetence of those in government charged with the responsibility to secure the people and their communities, and because we affirm the sanctity of life, we call on all stakeholders at all levels, all people of conscience to lend their voices to the Middle Belt in this period of its festering security challenges to ensure that the killers responsible for these atrocities are brought to justice”.

“On behalf of the Niger Delta peoples, the NDC commiserates with the communities and families of the victims of these resurgent terror attacks and shows solidarity with the peoples of the Middle Belt. May Justice and prosperity prevail in the Middle Belt as we pray and demand that it prevails in the Niger Delta, “ the statement added.







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