US Currency To Bear Signatures Of Two Women For First Time

Written by on December 9, 2022

Most people don’t have to worry if their signature is sloppy — but if it’s your name on the US dollar bill, it’s best to practice, says US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

In addition to the first female Treasury secretary’s name appearing on them, the new notes unveiled Thursday will also be historic for including two women’s signatures: that of Yellen and US Treasurer Lynn Malerba.

The notes are set for delivery to the US Federal Reserve this month and will be in circulation starting in early 2023, according to the Treasury Department.

Currently, women represent about 62 percent of the Treasury workforce and hold positions of power, she said.

The first notes bearing Yellen and Malerba’s signature coming into circulation will be $1 and $5 bills.

Apart from the site in Texas, the only other greenback printing facility is in the US capital Washington.


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