Keke drivers expresses their grievances as regards the increment of tax levied against them… 

Written by on November 23, 2022

Onitsha Keke riders stormed the premises of City Radio 89.7fm Onitsha, Anambra State on Wednesday to express their grievances as regards the increased tax rate, and the consistent harassment they face consistently from touts.

One of the keke drivers, Mr. Ifeanyi Eze explained who spoke to City Radio 89.7fm said, that the governor through his media, announced that there will be registrations to be made for all keke riders, and the intentions initially were well understood by them.

He further explained that the governor assured them that touts will no longer be on the road and that a particular amount of money will be paid as as tax to the government.


In his words, quote:

“we made payments to previous governments daily, we actually paid N350 for tickets everyday, and then paid extra for the pit registration, whether government or private, we paid the owner of the place which amounts to the total of N550.

Now, government assured us that they will reduce the payment and take the touts away, most especially, payments will be made into the accounts of the government.

Indeed, there was a discussion about the payment of N15, 000 monthly, which we are still debating on it, but yet to make conclusions on it. We were assured that there will be considerations from that time till the month of March next year, and since then we haven’t heard anything from the government.

All the promises and assurance made as regards to removing touts otherwise known as agbero  from the roads haven’t been fulfilled. We have received series of attacks from this touts, and

Another keke rider, in the person of Mr Kenneth Okoli complained bitterly about the attacks he has received from the said road occupants, and called on the government of Anambra State to consider the plight of the keke riders.

They complained bitterly about the monthly payment, and talked about the financial difficulties they face daily, as regards payment for high purchase vehicles, maintenance of the vehicle, family difficulties and a host of others.

They appealed to the government to reduce the payment of the 15,000, as they prefer the daily one.

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